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Friday, December 10th, 2010 11:35 AM

Some Words....

Traveling takes a lot out of a person, especially when you're going to a new city everyday, with no sense on reality to hold on to.
As a musician it's very easy to escape using music, but sometimes when you're on a European train and the I-Pod and Bose Headphones batteries expire and the damn plugs don't work you have very little to do.
Can't read the paper because it's in a different language...
Can't sleep because the seats are so uncomfortable....
So I pulled out my notepad and started to write, and low and behold I was writing for hours and didn't want to stop when we arrived at our destination! So this my friends is a sampling of those words from My November 2010 tour in E.U.
The Plain Space
Shines In My Face
Where To Begin
To Find The End.
If There Was a Book That Could Tell Our Future, I would Buy It.
Risking a Life To Save Time
Doesn't Require a Penny or A Dime
It  Can Be Hard To See
Though From a Magic Tree
It Could Be a Nice View
Just to See You.
Hazardous Nations Contribute To Greedy Inflammations
Of The Yen Dollar And Euro to Try And Stay Zen And At Zero
All Of Creation Repents While Mankind Resists Temptation
Clinging To The Notion Of Life Into The Final Liberation
More Coming. Maybe Even a Short Story....
Friday, December 10th, 2010 10:57 AM

Summer '10

This summer the Gerald Clayton Trio took it's music to the European Circuit as we usually do in the summer, playing at major jazz festivals and clubs throughout the Union. I will give you a little insight into our travel and performances...
Gig #1: Fontainbleu, France; What was really funny was that it was a Gypsy Jazz Festival, but the promoter was a big fan of the trio and was in attendance of the recording we did in Paris in May. So when we get to the gig on the Seine River, it has the vibe of a gypsy camp you see in films, people hanging out in houseboats playing their guitars. Some people walking around playing guitars, and basses and some horns playing traditional gypsy music. So for us it was really strange, cause a) we look completely different than anybody else there (not only because the obvious reason, but also we were dressed for the gig already!) and b) We don't play gypsy jazz!.
But it turned out to be a really good concert, and people really enjoyed it maybe because it was something different than what they had been hearing all day. After the concert we were well received signing cd's and meeting new fans.
Gig #2: Riga, Latvia; What A city!! It seems like this city is made up of nothing but potential models waiting to be discovered! I mean everywhere you turn your head, there was a beautiful woman! Enough about that (though it's hard to get over) About the music. The day we arrived to Riga we did a masterclass for some young musicians from around the city, helping them to get over the everyday problems young musicians face in the practice room and while playing with other musicians. The same day, we did a very interesting press conference that was for the jazz festival, but since we were the only headliners there it seemed that it would be a conference talking about our music. I was WRONG. They were kind of clueless as to what we actually did, so therefore there were some very random questions asked (all part of the biz I guess). The next day we performed at the actual festival, in the National Congress Center performance hall to a crowd of about 1,200, all very enthusiastic and receptive about the music, and that always nice when they can understand where you're coming from as a musicians from a far away place...
Gig #3: Deidesheim, Germany....A small town consisting of about 2,378 inhabitants, known around the world for it's famous Riesling vineyards.
Thursday, April 8th, 2010 1:52 PM

What's On My Mind......?

Welcome - Benvenuto - Willkommen to My Thoughts Page!!
Here you will see my inner-most thoughts and my deepest philosophies on life. Right!
It's Quite Possible. But probably more along the lines of 'I was waiting in that stupid airplane for eight hours with no water and a dead i-pod!'; that's never happened before (let's hope it never happens, knock on bass) but you get my drift.
I'll mainly be talking about some of the great places I've been and excited about going to, memorable performances I've had, memorable basketball games I've had and so forth. All and All you can find everything Joe Sanders here on the thoughts page.
See Ya Soon.