Romain Collin— “The Rise and Fall of Pipokuhn”
Fresh Sound, 2009

Romain Collin

Onward, Upward

Joe Sanders - Bass
Romain Collin - Piano
Zach Harmon - Drums

Collin has also taken the giant step—one that could easily have been a giant misstep—of composing a suite of songs loosely based on his imaginary series of vignettes titled to invoke the struggles of man. The illustrated insert reveals that the vignettes are inspired by the struggles, mostly in the mind, of a child (our protagonist Pipokuhn). "The Lost Wife," for instance, can be heard as the weight of lost relationships or alternatively as depicting the boy's loss of a special kite. Both scenarios could be painted by the rubato wind-dance of Collin's counterpoint, Sanders' bow, and Harmon's cymbals, especially when Collin's linearity rescues the literally screaming impulse to break free from sorrow's hold. — Phil DiPietro