Oran Etkin —Kelenia
Motema, 2009

Triple Play - Live

Play Track Nama

Joe Sanders - Bass
Oran Etkin - Clarinets & Tenor Saxophone
Balla Kouyate - Balfon
Makane Kouyate - Calabash & Vocals
Lionel Loueke - Guitar
John Benitez - Bass
Abdoulaye Diabate - Vocals

"Pairing his patched, genre-blending style to the griot traditions of Malian masters Balla Kouyate on balafon and Makane Kouyate on calabash and vocals, the Israeli slides in and out of musical styles as gracefully as a cobra slithering out of a basketwork. Rounding out the tight-knit bunch is bassist Joe Sanders, as well as a slew of guests—such as percussionist Joh Camara, guitarist Lionel Loueke and vocalist Abdulaye Diabate—who drop in throughout the session to stir up the gathering.

Nama" is also one that can stick in the head long after its initial hearing. Blowing atop the entrancing sound tapestry woven by the percussions and Sanders' repetitive bass line, the leader unapologetically flashes off his jazz chops with great gusto. "
By Martin Gladu