Laurent Coq — “ Eight Fragments Of Summer”
88trees, 2009

Laurent Coq


Joe Sanders - Bass
Laurent Coq - Piano
Jerome Sabbagh - Tenor Saxophone
Damion Reid - Drums

The quartet's synergy is contagious. Sanders is the sure anchor, while Reid, whose fiery sticks are reminiscent of Nasheet Waits, has performed with saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappa and many others. The ease with which they communicate and perform together elevates Coq's imaginative music...A sunny mood suffuses the recording—"Merry-Go-Round"'s spinning turns of marching cadences and modal swing, guided by Sanders' sinewy strings and Reid's skittering beats.....The recording closes with two beauties: "Chasing Shadows," where the rhythm section leads the movement from delicate suppleness to dramatic swells; and the peaceful solitude of "Already Gone," akin to a captivating sunset view. A momentous and enjoyable work, Eight Fragments of Summer captures all of the joys of the season without the oppressive heat. —By Mark F. Turner