Joe Gilman — “Time Again: Brubeck Revisited, Vol. 2”
Sunnyside 2005

Joe Gilman

Summer Song

Joe Gilman Trio

Joe Sanders - Bass
Joe Gilman - Piano
Justin Brown - Drums

A Note from Dave Brubeck About "Time Again"...:

Dear Joe,
I have just listened to Volume 2 and find it as great as Volume 1. When I got to the last track, "The Duke," I think that's one of the greatest things I've ever heard. Russell Gloyd and I were discussing it today and saying that the original title of The Duke was Duke Ellington meets Darius Milhaud, and now, to make it even more fascinating we have to include and Erik Satie and Arnold Schoenberg (bass line)."Take Five" also is beyond the beyond. I could not be more elated than I am right now. So, thanks again for another great CD. My compliments to Joe and Justin, too. —Dave