Joe Sanders — Quote Sheet
Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010 3:18 PM


"Joe Sanders is an extremely talented bassist who has a captivating personality. He has played with the Heath Bothers on several occasions and it was always beautiful."
- Jimmy Heath

"Joe Sanders is a musician who brings fire and verve to every musical situation he encounters. He's making us all proud as he continues to explore and grow."
- John Clayton

"Joseph Sanders? Well this bassist from Milwaukee is one to watch out for. At age 24, he has the makings of a Jazz star; I can tell. I do not own a crystal ball, but I have my hunches…."
- Woodshed Entertainment

"Joe Sanders is a fluent and adept soloist, as well as an attentive and inventive accompanist who doesn't get pushed aside……"
- Dave Wayne,

"Toward the end of the set the music began to weigh more on Mr. Sanders, who sang along to his bass improvisations. Mr. Clayton and Mr. Brown gathered their strength around him, becoming more playful, digging in and exploring possibility; for the first time you didn´t really know what was going to come next."
- Ben Ratliff, NYTimes

"Joe Sanders has it all. His playing is very passionate and sure, he has a solid knowledge of his instrument, and the grounded, yet, ever evolving language of innovative Jazz."
-Geri Allen